Dekton - By Cosentino 
Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at 07:53PM
Susan Serra, CKD

In June I traveled to Spain on a press trip with Cosentino to take a look at new product introductions from Silestone, the Nebula Series, and an entirely new category of surfacing, Dekton.

Our group traveled to the south of Spain where the headquarters of Cosentino is located. Situated in a desert landscape lies a huge factory dedicated solely to the production of Dekton. I'm not sure how far we walked in this building (a mile or two?) but the factory's size, the newness of every piece of (custom designed) machinery, the organization, the endless technology, extremely long/innovative production line and product samples we observed made it clear that we were witnessing an unprecedented commitment by a brand which knows that Dekton is a gamechanger for surfacing materials.

Dekton is manufactured in a way unlike any other surface material, with new technology, new state of the art machines, and new formulas created by the scientists at Cosentino. Every step of the entire process is truly innovative. Using extreme heat and pressure, the result is a surface with exceptional strength and performance, high resistance to impact, scratches and abrasion. It is suitable for use as exterior cladding and interior surfaces with extremely low water absorption.

For today's interiors and exteriors which are often connected visually, Dekton is a beautiful and functional design solution. Dekton will withstand 1200 degree temperatures. The slab sizes are 126" x 56" with thicknesses from .8cm to 3cm.

For an interactive description of the performance properties of Dekton, see this very interesting page on the Dekton website. A very informative pdf brochure with a full explanation on aesthetics, function and the engineering of Dekton can be found here.


Dekton encourages a new way of thinking for designers in the kitchen and bath industry. Dekton's performance and aesthetic characteristics are such that it should be considered for use in the following ways by designers:

As restraint in design is more understood and desired in today's contemporary interiors in conjunction with a continuing desire for warmth, the understated beauty of Dekton becomes a top contender to express interior design in a very lovely way. Dekton colors - simple and elegant.


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